WD BLACK P50 Hard drive

External Hard Drive Portable SSD

Having an issue in installing free games and need an external hard drive? Fed up on uninstalling and reinstalling games! You’ll never have to redownload games you’ve previously uninstalled because your PS5 ran out of space. With Sony’s latest update, PS5 owners can share content with external drives. You will want to get the WD Black P50 external hard drive if you will be doing a lot of gaming.

You can use a portable SSD named WD’s Black P50 Game that solves these problems. We believe, despite the company’s marketing hype, that this portable SSD is overhyped.

External Hard Drive Features

There’s nothing slow about this hard drive. In reality, it is a high-speed SSD, capable of 2,000MB/s. In addition, you wouldn’t have to worry about your lowered data cap since you’re not re-downloading games. The drive comes in several capacities, starting at 500GB and going up to 4TB. In terms of storage, the 1TB and 2TB options of external hard drive should ideally provide enough room for you to keep your games without having to spend too much on space you might never use.

Additionally, half a terabyte no longer goes very far, and chances are you’ll fill up your PS5 sooner or later. You should consider some external hard drive to ensure that you have plenty of room for games, DLC, and anything else you download. 


It is still easier to delete and download PS5 games from an external hard drive. However, You don’t need to connect the drive to the console. I prefer the WD Black SSD from Western Digital. It looks cool, is fast, and has 4 TB of storage, so you shouldn’t run out anytime soon. It has a 10 Gbps USB port, which means it will not benefit from next-generation console compatibility. Since content creators may already have faster connections, a P50 Game Drive with 20 Gbps is a better option.

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