Are you in search of a waterproof hard case for PS5? Protection always comes first. When you are traveling and taking your PS5 with you, there might be a risk of damaging it. It is mandatory to have a protective case for the PS5. Here we are going to discuss PS5 Case with room for PS5 accessories. With the Case Club PS5 carry case, you never have to worry about not having your favorite games with you. Furthermore, it’s waterproof and unlockable, as well as having a Full HD monitor, cooling fans, speakers, and speakers.

waterproof hard case features

  • Lid Stays to Adjust Viewing Angle
  • Easy to grab Controller
  • Charge Controllers in Case
  • USB Power Hub with Buttons
  • Extension Handle and Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Removable External Speakers for Increased Volume
  • Built-in cooling fans
  • The Case Can be Padlocked
  • The Case is Waterproof
  • Not intended for airline checked luggage or shipping which can damage the monitor

 Built-in Monitor

The most astounding feature of this case is its 24 inches 1080 Hp monition. it has an average response time of 8ms. Furthermore, its Refresh Rate is about 60 Hz. Meanwhile, the Aspect Ratio of waterproof Hard case for PS5 16:9 with 178 Degree Viewing Angle. Most importantly, the monitor uses Brightness Intelligence Adaptive Technology to display Full HD game pictures. Thus, you will have an enhanced gaming experience.

Cooling Fans

While playing games, PS5 might get heated up. The waterproof hard case has a built-in cooling fan. These fans enable the system to stay cool and let you play comfortably.



Additionally, the case comes with a removable external speaker. So, it is up to you whether you want the speakers on a waterproof hard case to be connected or take it off.

waterproof hard case Fits PS5 

This waterproof hard case is specifically designed for PS5. It does not fit PS2, PS3, or PS4. Therefore, if you have any other console than PS5, you have to buy the case according to its size and accessories.

Waterproof portable case PS5


The PlayStation 5 is a monstrous piece of equipment, and we recommend investing in a quality carry case rather than winging it with your own method of transport.

 With multiple compartments and the ability to separate PS5, console stands, cables, DualSense controllers, and cables, this waterproof hard case is an affordable option.



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