Top 5 Free PlayStation5 Games

Looking for PS5 free games? You are at the right place! 

The good news is that we have a list of the best PS5 free games right now. 

The PS5’s quality of games is already extremely impressive, despite the fact that the new console is still very much in its infancy. In addition, the games continue to come.



One of the many PS5 free games is World of Tanks. Meanwhile, this game has quietly become one of the most popular vehicular shooters. There is an incredible amount of crossover content and many customization options. 


Warframe has grown in popularity, even though it launched before the last console generation.

The game offers melee and third-person shooter combat, with a huge variety of missions and randomly generated levels.


 Shooter/RPG hybrid Destiny 2 has become one of the best games out there.

In spite of the fact that much of the free-to-play content has been “Vaulted,” it offers some of the most rewarding shooting mechanics and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Reflecting, it seems unlikely that Epic Games’ Fortnite was ever going to succeed, let alone become a global icon.

In the end, Fortnite provided players with a new battle royale spin after a massively prolonged and endearing Early Access stint. Fortnite Battle Royale prizes and rewards players in more ways than just its building and shooting elements. Therefore, here is another free PS5 game available to you.

Rogue Company

Our next selection is Rogue Company, an intriguing game. Developed by HiRez Studios, it is a third-person shooter. There are role-based heroes in it. There are a variety of game modes available, along with the weapons, skills, and abilities of each character. A great little third-person shooter that you can pop in and out for a few minutes at a time, Rogue Company is a good one. Additionally, Rogue Company on PS5 can be played at a smooth 120 frame rate.

These were some of the PS5 free games. In addition to these, you can play a lot more games So what are you waiting for? grab your charged PS5 and start playing.

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