PlayStation 5 Black Friday deals are likely to appear in 2021, a year after the launch of the product. 

There may be PS5 Black Friday deals on offer, so you can find them right here.

Will there be PLAYSTATION 5 Black Friday deals?

 PlayStation 5 is expected to have a very limited distribution on PlayStation 5 Black Friday. Due to various production challenges and excessive scalping, Sony is still finding it difficult to meet the demand for its new console. For now, you’re best off checking here to see where you can purchase a PS5.

Consequently, you have little chance of finding PS5 Black Friday deals. Sony has no reason to discount its new console yet.

The best way to make the most out of your new PS5 is to pair it with one of the many Black Friday 4K TV deals we’re keeping an eye on this year.

PS5 Black Friday game deals

It’s also likely to be difficult to find discounted PS5 games this Black Friday, just as with the console – though it’s not impossible.

In addition to PS5 headsets and external hard drives, PlayStation 5 Black Friday offers to include external hard drives. The DualSense controller was reduced in price, though not by much compared to official gear. 

The highest value savings in this area, however, will come from third parties. It is no surprise that Razer, HyperX, and SteelSeries are regular favorites in this space. This means we’ll be watching Amazon’s brand-wide sales closely in November

PS5 bundles

Bundle deals are the best way to get the best deals on Black Friday video game consoles. You can get an extra controller or a game for free. Look at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Walmart during Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the best deals on the PlayStation 5.

The PS5 was yet to enjoy any sort of bundled deal during its first Cyber Week, but we suspect it won’t be the case this time around. If you’re able to find one in stock this holiday season, don’t expect any discounts. 

IGN also has a guide to the best offers on the PS5 and PlayStation during Black Friday.

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