NexiGo DualSense charging station

SPECS OF DualSense charging station

Manufacturer of dualsense charging station: NexiGo

Product Dimensions : 7.48 x 3.35 x 2.56 inches

Item Weight: 12.6 ounces

AC Wall Charger: 5.3V/3A Included

Compatibility: PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller


  • Your controller is protected by a built-in protection chip.
  • This charger can charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously, fully charging in 3 hours.
  • This charging station uses the intelligent micro control technology to circuit management to achieve high-efficiency conversion charging
  • For charging your PS5 controller, plug it in. You can pull out or insert it easily.

DualSense charging station 

Since Playstation 5 launched, people have been looking for DualSense charging stations.

All PS5 wireless chargers are different from one another. It’s hard to make a choice, but if you’re going to get a PS5, you’ll probably want one.

I highly recommend the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. For your gaming sessions to last, they must be charged regularly. There is no need to put it on your PS5, but you must keep your PS5 in rest mode. 

It’s an excellent option for those who need to charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously. NexiGo’s DualSense charging station can support up to two controllers at a time. 

WHAT IS INSIDE DualSense charging station

First of all, this kit comes with a charging stand and uses the charging port at the bottom of your controller to charge. Furthermore, there is fast charging, but if you want both controllers charged in under three hours, you must use the included 5.3V/3A power adapter.

Taking a look at the design, it’s stunning. Moreover, there are two indicators: an LED ring and a white and black cradle with an LED at their bottoms. The controller will output orange illumination at the end of charging, and the light will then turn off once the charging process is complete. Then you will know when you can use your controllers

In addition, the box includes a thumb grip kit. You will find two rubber replacement thumbsticks in this kit, which will enhance your comfort and grip.

Moreover, DualSense charging stations have reliable protection against wear and tear on analog sticks. Moreover, the ergonomic design enhances grip and reduces slip. It is less demanding on the fingers and hands, so fatigue doesn’t occur.

Furthermore, you have trigger extenders that have double-sided adhesive tape so you can reach the triggers more easily and comfortably. 

Furthermore, the charging of the DualSense charging station dock provides convenient storage space for the controllers while being both stable and kept connected well.


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